This giveaway if for the Gorillaz fandom! Thanks to all of you for being so supportive! What you could win is a life sized cut out of any character you want from Gorillaz!

I am a senior in highschool now so while things aren’t too busy I would like to kick this giveaway off now!


  1. Must love Gorillaz!!
  2. You can reblog as much as you like and you can like but ONLY IF YOU REBLOG. If you just like it but don’t reblog, it won’t count and I will check. 
  3. I will only ship to the continental U.S. Sorry guys!
  4. You must have your ask box open and feel comfortable with giving me your address. If you’re under 18 let me know it’s okay with your parents.
  5. If you don’t reply to me within 2 days then a runner up will be chosen
  6. You MUST be following Gorillaz-Confessions AND 23-Hour-Party-People
  7. Please NO GIVEAWAY OR ASK BLOGS.. Only personal blogs

Why 23-Hour-Party-People??

Because that’s me, the person who runs the Gorillaz-Confessions! I’ll try to put more effort into reblogging more Gorillaz but hey, I’m pretty rad.

Also if you win, I’ll let you know and you need to give me a full body picture of what you want. Please make sure that the picture is clear and not blurry. And please have different image as a back up photo just in case.
It may take me about a 1-2 weeks to finish the painting. It’ll be down on one long paper roll and cut out around the edges, leaving some white border. Shipping will of course be free and it’ll be in a cylinder tube.

Giveaway ends September 16th at 9 pm central time. Winner will be chosen by a random draw. If you have any questions, feel free to ask at either account!

Good luck~

6 hours left!

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american idiot starts off all yeah lets kick ass but by the end of the album woah where’d all this emotion come from

because every teenager ever acts all badass and rebellious to hide the fact that we’re still scared kids full of feelings and tenderness inside

This text post starts off all kick ass but by the end its like woah where did all this emotion come from

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